Chhattisgarh Rural Medical Course(CRMC)

Medically Underserved Areas

  • Chhattisgarh is a state with high forest cover and many of these areas are conflict-affected, underserved areas are high where doctors are not available to work and lack of adequacy in other staff also. Currently the major strategy that is able to contribute towards outreach in these areas is the Mobile Medical Units, where 74 MMUs are operational
  • A package for medically underserved areas with special incentives and promotional support for doctors is drafted and a pilot proposal on this is this is submitted for approval as part of this PIP. This comprises a block headquarter based health department colony, transport facilities to peripheries, insurance schemes and family support for education etc. In addition to this, a special strategy for areas in conflict situation is also envisaged, as many areas within Dantewada and similar districts are facing such a situation. We are also planning to deploy the diploma holders in modern and holistic medicine trained in the state as part of a 3-year medical course in rural PHCs this year 
  • Another major intervention planned this year for the difficult area is the Rural Medical Corps- this envisages a number of initiatives to the doctors and other health staff a number of benefits over and above the salary, including a health worker’s colony, insurance support and study support for kin. Similarly, we are proposing to post the 3-year medical diploma holders in rural PHCs with a special incentive for difficult areas. Similarly, we are proposing more staff nurse positions on contract in order to operationalise the 24 x 7 PHCs and CHCs with focus to difficult areas total no of 3-year medical diploma holder in system)planning
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